Community INC is now Available on STEAM!

Hello everyone, We are super duper happy to say that Community INC is now available on Steam (August 3rd - in a few hours probably). Lings - Workers We improved a lot the Lings since the Alpha version. They are smarter, you can have more professions, more items to craft and more equipment. They can … Continue reading Community INC is now Available on STEAM!


Alpha is now AVAILABLE!

Hey there, We have some great news. Our Alpha version is now live. Please, check our Steam page for more news: WHAT TO EXPECT Bugs, of course, lol, but you can enjoy many features of the game. During main menu, you will already see what are the missing features. We do believe you will … Continue reading Alpha is now AVAILABLE!

Announcement – Teaser Trailer and More

Hey everyone, We are very happy to make an announcement today: our first teaser trailer. Also, we are happy to tell that we are working together with tinyBuild, the publisher behind many nice titles, like Punch Club, SpeedRunners, Party Hard, Hello Neighbor and many more. Enjoy our first teaser... GRAPHICS and PERFORMANCE First of all, … Continue reading Announcement – Teaser Trailer and More

BIG UPDATE – New name, same game, new features!

Hey everyone, Remember to check our NEW official webpage 🙂 We are back with some more great news. We are still not "officially" announcing the game (we will reveal our partners soon), but we CAN FINALLY reveal the new name and the new features. Also, we want to show you a few screenshots and … Continue reading BIG UPDATE – New name, same game, new features!

Quick News

Hey everyone, Just to let you know that we are working hard here and we will have some great news soon. New scope and concept of the Soullings game (and the name will change), so we might delay new posts on our blog for another week. Thanks Cheers

Quick news

Hey everyone, We are not writing so fast anymore because we will have some great news soon and the team is very busy (also fixing some annoying bugs). So, just to be quick, we are preparing more stuff to the game. I promise to update you soon. Cheers