Soullings update – Roads and Dev

Hello everyone,

This same info will be available on our IndieDB soon:

This is our real FIRST post in our official blog. It is time to build an awesome community for our game and, for this, we WANT YOUR HELP. How? To help us to understand a little bit more of the style of the game we want to build. We are still checking a few things for the game and we want your suggestions.

For all of you that are following us, please help us starting spread the word about our game. Our new company and game will only worth it if we can build a strong community. We want to build an amazing game and we want to see what players expect in games like this, besides our own research.


We already have a facebook page, a twitter and official blog.
All these channels will receive the same news and information about our game, weekly. The facebook and twitter will help us to reach players from all over the world, while the blog will keep all players informed about our progress and current status.



Our most important update is about our official blog. Here we will discuss weekly about our progress, problems, bugs and new features about the game. Also, the first news will always be there and we plan to add some key alpha testers next year.

Please, join us on this and help us to create a better game.


Our game has a long road to go, but we had some great updates and changes so far. We received a lot of feedback from real players and publishers. Without losing the core features of the game, we changed some parts where we thought it would be more fun to play. And it is now better than before.

The game has already 10 professions working (in total of 20). We are advancing our combat and enemy features for the next milestone, because want to start testing some action already (and to show that Soullings is not just a peaceful game). In our official blog we will explain, with details, how each professions works. All this were achieved in 4 months of work. We plan to gather a good team to finish the game next year. Many assets are still placeholders, but the core elements and graphics style will be the same.

Soullings is entirelly based on great games created in the past, like Banished, Stonehearth, Black & White, The Settlers (even The Sims) and then we added our own unique elements to the game. We wanted to have something different, something that players could explore with details in a strategy game and doing some micro-management in a pleasant way. For this, we created many types of items and we wanted to add features that we don’t usually see.

ROADS – Yes, we know players likes a lot to build roads and this is already implemented in our current version, YAY (but graphics are still placeholders, we can’t afford to make better ones now).

RESEARCH – Players will be able to research a few items and actions while playing. We are still thinking how many we will have, but it will be part of the core feature “study” for the Lings.

INTERACTION – We want the players to see every and each Ling to interact with each other and with objects. You will be able to see when they are eating, sleeping, fighting, even chatting in game. We want this to be one of the best parts of Soullings.

CHAT AND MORE – As you can see, we made some “stress tests” with our chat system to work with any and all professions.

Stay tuned for more information, each week we plan to have one or two new posts.



4 thoughts on “Soullings update – Roads and Dev

  1. hi devs. i’ve been following with you guys since the games appeared on moddb. unfortunately as i only browse the site and not having an account on it, i’m unable to show my support through giving comments and so. and now i’m glad to found that you guys have made a blog for it, so i finally able to give my support for you guys, perhaps through feedbag (not sure how since i mostly reports bugs and glitches). as a big fan for the sims, the settlers, and stonehearth, i love these kind of micro managing scales games and finding a game that combines some elements of my favourite games does attract my attention immediately. i hope you guys the best and i will be waiting for the release.


  2. few suggestion/opinions i like to mention:

    1. Interaction: i particularly love the interaction concept for the game “Clockwork Empires” as the devs made the colonist in the game seemingly real; emotions, rivalry, satisfaction affects their behaviour and work ethics as well as either will follow orders or not, and at times rebels against their supervisor. perhaps you guys could get some inspiration from that?

    2. Jobs: perhaps implement a job level through experience like the hearthlings in “Stonehearth”, and certain job may only be unlocked when a ling in particular job achieved the required level?

    3. Research: making certain research stay locked until certain ling achieved certain level in their jobs or unlock certain jobs. or maybe make a system where its like a skill pick style in which you can choose what your ling will be knowledgeable about in which area of that job, thus gives you lings with unique characteristics and i does suit well with the concept of study you guys mention.


    1. Hi naz2702,

      Thanks for the suggestions =)
      1) We don’t know that game, will take a look soon. But surely we want to add interactions, chats and more with each Ling.
      2) We already have job level and each Ling’s performance on each job will have impact according to these levels. Also, we have “unique” traits on them.
      3) We do have a Research area. In Soullings, it works more or less like this: you will need books for them to study. They can study at night and them you may unlock some of these Research items. We will have a post dedicated only to this in the future 😉


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