Dev Log -Actions and Path

Hello everyone,

Today we will talk about our pathfinding and actions that our Lings can take/use in game. It was a difficulty task considering the amount of actions each Ling can have and decide according to their professions, but fun to make and important nonetheless. Also, crafting plays a big part in our features, where it will consume some of these actions.

Each Ling can have the following actions (this will change in future updates):

STORAGE: Is there any item in inventory to put on storage? Go there.
CRAFTING: Can he/she craft items? Go craft.
FORAGE: is there anything to forage (according to profession)? Go there.
PROPS: Can he/she build props? Go build.
BUILDINGS: Can he/she construct buildings? Go build.
GATHERING: they can gather resources on grounds in case any of the actions above returns empty.
IDLE: they will keep roaming the village center (this will change in the future for looking for activities).
LUNCH / DINNER: they will look for a place to eat (after finding some food).
NIGHT TIME: they will look for a place to have some fun or study, depending on random choice. After this, they will sleep.

Take a look into this picture:


On A, you can see a Builder building a prop (in this case, it is a Worker Workbench). Builders has the highest priority in their actions for building props. On B you can see a Lumberjack carrying a wood log, because there is no other action for her to do (gathering is the least priority for all Lings). And on C you can see a Miner still working.

This order can change, but at the time it is really working well. The game can support more than 50 Lings already (our current version can handle as much as your PC can), but our goal for the game is 50 actually. Why this? Because the game has a strong focus on keeping an eye on each Ling for their professions, actions, feelings and other activities like patrolling, defending and crafting. It is already too much for the players – so, we really think it is something like “easy to learn, hard to master”.

Also, every NPC in game has a lot of variables already that let the game handle their behavior in the best way possible. In example, they KNOW when they need to go crafting, or forage or even run away from danger in the right time. We are proud to say that we have very few bugs in more than 10 hours of testing in different computers and with different people 🙂


This picture shows a “House” in “Editor mode” in Unity engine (not in game, not playing). All props and buildings will also handle the terrain and nature around it automatically for you. In example, when you build a prop (or building) the grass will be removed, clearing the path for the building. The same will NOT happen with rocks and trees, you need to send your Lings to clear. You will see your Lings going to put every item to build and then they will starting building (so, no magical construction around it). The same works for roads and every other object that you can put on terrain.

We want the game to have some “realistic behaviors” regarding gathering, building and eating. We want details, lots of details =)

We will have another post soon about the new professions in the game (and the old ones also, because we only explained on IndieDB at the time). Stay tuned and help us spread the word 🙂
If you have any questions (about the game or anything about how we did), let us know here.




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