Dev Log – Food Producing and More

Welcome to our first dev log of 2017! Happy new year everyone 🙂

Today we want to bring the professions that will produce food to your village. There are many ways to do this and we will explain a little bit of what is already implemented and what will come in future updates. First, let’s start with the Farmer. Note: some assets are still placeholders.

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Farmers can take care of plantations and animals corrals. This last one is still in development and should be ready soon, before end of January. Plantations can produce some types of vegetables, like carrot. Cabbage, corn and pumpkin are also more options. But they can also plant cotton (handled by Herbalists). Each Ling needs a Hoe to become a Farmer, which can be crafted by a Builder using a Worker Workbench and a few resources.


You will need at least one type of the food you want to plant to create a new plantation. In the example above, we used one cabbage to create a new cabbage plantation. Then you can select a place. Your farmers will work on it as soon as they finish their other tasks. They will always look for the nearest plantation / action. Each plantation has 3 phases before ready to harvest.



Cookers are the ones who will create better meals and food types. Each Ling requires to be at least on level 5 (this may change in future) and a Cooker Spoon (crafted by a Builder) before changing to a Cooker. So far in the game we have more than 8 types of food, but we plan to have around 15-20 types.


Good food is a very good way of increasing the happiness of your Lings. Some may say that food is the best pleasure in life… well, in Soullings this is true 🙂

Fisherman can get some fishes to your Lings. They can eat it raw or cooked by the Cookers. some rare fishes can be really tasty (add a great amount of Happiness) and also has a very good value for trade (graphics for the water will change soon).


In Animal Corrals, your farmers can take care of rabbits, cows, pigs or chicken to generate some meat. You will need at least two of each animal type to start reproducing. The first ones you can look in your map and your farmers can get them to the animal corral. Each of this building can have up to 5 animals living in it. Some animals will generate more meat than other animals because of it size, but also will take longer to reproduce.


In our next dev log, still this week, we will talk about our combat core mechanics, which is already implemented 🙂


Thank you and give us your feedback about what you want to see in this type of game.

Cheers and have a great year!


2 thoughts on “Dev Log – Food Producing and More

  1. hi devs..just wanna give a suggestion. how bout making a beverages recipes? like beer, wine, coffee, tea and etc. perhaps some food types not just fulfilled hunger, but gives motivation like moods or increased abilities/skills. for example, coffee plantation produced coffee beans, then a cooker or making another profession (brewer for drinks) makes it into coffee. then gives bonus on abilities/skills or some of it, like for example 10% increase in studying.

    anyway, keep up the good work guys and a happy new year. =)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello naz2702,

      Sounds really nice. We do have some ideas for wine in our “Fun Moments Feature” (we will explain in the future – but it works more or less like this: the Lings can have fun at night and there will be activities for it, one of these activities is drinking). But I really liked your suggestion, we will put in our table here. Maybe we will share our feature plan soon, so we can also create a “Suggestion List” for public votes 🙂
      One of the great things we are doing inside game development is letting this technical part very easy for creating new actions, jobs, etc.
      Thank you for sending this over o/


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