Dev Log – Basic needs, combat and more

Heeeeello everyone,

This time we want to show a little bit of the next features of the game, including the combat, some nice (not) bugs and what are our next plans.

New chat system implemented


In Soullings, your missions is to guide your Lings to have a good life in their village and achieve your physical form as a God .During your journey you will have many challenges, the first one is taking care of their basic needs, like health, happiness, hunger, safety and clothes.Yes, they will suffer from cold. In the SOUL LANDS, as we call, the night is always cold. Do you know that fresh, cold air, that you feel when the winter is near? So, it is the same with them, but every day. We will also have rain and snow as weather features that will greatly impact their behavior. In the game, you will have a calendar that will help you to see these days (note: rain and snow are still not implemented, it will soon).

soullings_v0.4.3_2.jpgCalendar prototype (WIP) – The weather days are random created each month

The happiness is the key point to make your Soullings live forever. Truly. Happiness is an attribute that will always decrease. The older your Ling is, the faster it will decrease. There are many ways to make them happy, like eating different food, having fun at night and sleeping well. Some of the night activities includes a relaxing campfire and a bench with a guitar =)

Also, there are many other things that can make their happiness decrease like: no bed to sleep, no food, someone dies and there is no place to bury a Ling, attacks, etc. And if they are unhappy, they will start to lose health. And they will die if health reaches zero (their souls will go back to nature).

soullings_v0.4.3_3.jpgWIP when a Ling dies

All energy comes from the nature. You as a God is a pure and unique energy from the nature. Your Lings are created from the nature. So when they dies, the nature just want its energy back. Fair enough, right?

Lings also needs to change clothes from times to times, because it is an item that will break eventually. Like armors, shields, helmets, clothes also needs management and crafting that your Tailors needs to handle. Take a look at the picture below for an example.



Besides Ling’s basic needs, you will have to provide security. For this, you have basically two options: one is use your God powers for combat. The second options is set some Lings as Guards, Archers or Knights. They will become your Warriors. In Soullings the only option to give direct commands to a Ling is through a Warrior only, the other Lings with other professions are not possible, you can only give them instructions and they will execute when they can. With Warriors, this is different, you CAN give them commands (where to go, where to attack). Check the picture below.


Here you can see that this Ling is a Warrior (with the profession Guard) and he is going to the “Defend Position” set by the player. In this position he will look out for thieves and enemies. They can earn XP (experience) points fighting or defending. And below you can see the combat in action (work in progress – needs polishing).


You can send them to attack someone just pointing and clicking. After this they will try to do their job. Also, if they see an enemy before you, they will chase it. And if someone got hit, an alarm will trigger and all your Lings will stop doing what they are doing and go back to the village center (this will change in the future for “back to their houses”).

This cover some basics about combat (and you can only see a Ling fighting with a neutral animal, not with other God’s creatures).We will write more about the combat in the future, for now it’s just a glimpse of what is coming 🙂



There are still a lot of polishment and fixes ahead. But one thing we can say, proudly, is that the game has a very few bugs (and I really mean that). Our current version (0.4.3) is VERY stable and for this we will start inviting players to help us with some alpha (internal) testing. Stay tuned, we will create the invitation soon, very few positions open.

This is all for this week, more to come soon o/
Have a great weekend.



4 thoughts on “Dev Log – Basic needs, combat and more

  1. hey guys. nice look with the update. love the clothing concept that will be implemented. a few suggestions that i would like to make. for the snow season, perhaps making some crops unable to grow during that time and some crops can only grow during that time as well. for example, potato. this will give a different kind of recipes available during different season. for the clothing concept, perhaps a high level/experienced tailor could make a more complex clothing that gives bonus for skills/abilities or happiness. for example: with extra materials, tailor can make a fancy cloths that gives 10% happiness but it will have a faster decay rate as well needed a lot of materials like 10 fur/cotton instead of 2 fur/cotton for normal cloths, or different materials like fur/cotton plus colour dye to make it. this will give variety and challenges to players as they need to stockpile lots of materials.

    good luck with the upcoming alpha =)


  2. Hey guys, i just want to tell my opinion about the calendar, i think that is more great and fun if the weather have a color, just like the cloud with rain, you can add a blue ocean color for the rain, and it will become more colorful.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

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