BIG UPDATE – New name, same game, new features!

Hey everyone,

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We are back with some more great news. We are still not “officially” announcing the game (we will reveal our partners soon), but we CAN FINALLY reveal the new name and the new features. Also, we want to show you a few screenshots and GIFs about the progress of the game. We have already a good village up and running, but we will start to show our progress gradually! And, of course, to build a big and strong community!!!

PS. we are changing all our channels today 😉

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Let’s run to check these awesome news!


Our game name is now COMMUNITY INC!


Why we changed? We adapted to the new features for the game, since there is not anymore some parts of the “God’s magic” in the game, we want it to become a game where people can enjoy building a village, exploring our crafting mechanics and also have fun dealing with dangerous and funny situations (for example, if you don’t pay attention to thieves, they may set your village on fire – even your workers can do this). We will explain what’s changed.


As a new manager at Community INC, it is your responsibility to take care of your workers, the Lings. They need a basic salary, food, protection and also a “healthy” environment (everyone knows what a healthy environment means, right?). But the thing is: they MUST be happy. Their happiness is used to power the portal of the flying island, which is your final goal. If you don’t do this, you may get fired. And no one wants that, right? Use all resources and “ways” you have to make them happy, you have warriors for this also (I did not tell you this, ok?). Use Surplus (the official universe currency) to buy others, to hire Lings and profit.




There will be more than 10 creatures that may help you or bother you. It’s up to you to decide who you want on your side. It will be impossible to please everyone, because some creatures does not like the others. Also, friendly or not, they will give you important quests and will try to trade with you (you will need to build Shops to sell your items and have someone as a Trader). There will also be some neutral creatures, like the Magic Minions, who will ALWAYS try to steal from you (and set your village on fire). And yes, you can make deals with them and even go to war (they will attack your community, eyes open).



I think he did not like that she got that pumpkin XD

Always good to do some fishing…

Work, work, work..

We kept the same cool core features we had before for the Lings: they need to eat, sleep, have a social life and have fun. You choose which profession they need and you plan the way you want to. They have many details like: equipment (clothing, armor or helmet), inventory, traits, attributes and a profession list. But also, the most important part are their status: health, happiness, education, heat and acceptance. Yes, if they don’t think they are accepted by the other workers, it may become a problem for you. They can start fights with each other, run away or set your furnishings on fire. Deal with them!








We have a few types of buildings, but with many variations. The other cool feature in our game is to let you be the designer. We give you the buildings,  but you choose whatever the furnishing you want it in (and of course, some can be only outside). Build a wood barrel to increase your storage; build a Well to help you with fires on your community; build a ground lantern to heat your workers at night or during bad weathers; craft new types of food on a Cooker’s workplace to make the Lings more happy. And much more!




You can directly control your Warriors, so you can send them to patrol or to stay in whatever you want. If they saw a enemy in their radius, they will chase them for you. Their strength is also based on: attributes and the type of weapon you are using. Craft better weapons for more damage, or better armors for better protection. Remember: they come with traits when you hire them, some are born to be wild (got it) and will be great at combat. Use them for this.


We will end here, but we will reveal more info each week now, with more screenshots and GIFs in our social channels. We are almost done for a good early alpha access, so stay tuned.


Thank you.



2 thoughts on “BIG UPDATE – New name, same game, new features!

  1. well done. love the new concept. i see you guys finally replaced the placeholder for roads. a manager huh? interesting. the idea on reaching the floating island gives some quest/focus for the end game, though i hope it does not makes the game end (non-continuous). can’t wait for the alphas to released, wished to partake for testing though hopefully my pc can take the requirements (using old specs here T_T).

    i wish you guys the best and hopefully will not wait for long for new devs logs to come out. cheers.


    1. Thanks, naz.
      Yes, you can keep playing if you want to. We will reveal the goal soon, but expect quests and missions that will always keep going. The game is running on low end PC specs 😉 we have different game options and graphic options for you to choose. And at least a processor with 2 or 4 cores will be fine.
      About the dev logs, we took longer because of those changes, but we will have more for sure 😉
      Thanks for your words.


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